Staniel Cay Day Attractions You Should Enjoy

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Staniel Cay Day Attractions You Should Enjoy

7 July 2023
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Staniel Cay is a stunning destination that's known for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and abundant marine life of many types. While Staniel Cay is considered small in size, it's big on excitement. If you decide to pay Staniel Cay a visit, expect to enjoy a range of exciting daytime attractions and fabulous sightseeing opportunities. This article will go over some of the attractions you can enjoy when you visit. 

You can experience Thunderball Grotto 

Thunderball Grotto is a natural cave system that became famous after the James Bond film Thunderball. You can swim into the cave at low tide and it provides great opportunities for those who snorkel. It's an underwater paradise full of brightly colored fish and coral. Sunlight will stream through the many openings and create a magical effect and a surreal atmosphere. 

You can enjoy diving at Thunderball Reef

If you enjoy diving, then you won't want to pass up the chance to visit Thunderball Reef next. You can take in the vibrant reef and abundance of colorful fish, cool coral formations, and even the occasional stingray. Diving here will offer you an experience you'll wish you could share with everyone you know. 

You can swim with sharks at Compass Cay

If you're ready for something even more adventurous, then you can swim with the sharks at Compass Cay. If you decide to do this, then you'll take a boat ride to Compass Cay, where you can enjoy the adrenaline rush that swimming with sharks offers. They can be easily viewed thanks to the area's clear waters. These sharks are used to humans, so they're considered harmless. 

You don't want to pass up watching pigs frolic and swim at Pig Beach

Once you've swum with the sharks, you may want to take in watching some land creatures at play. However, these land creatures would much rather spend their days in the water. It only takes a few minutes to get to Pig Beach from Staniel Cay by boat. At the beach, you can have a great time watching the well-known swimming pigs. The pigs are friendly and playful since they've become such a popular attraction. They will run around the beach and then swim in the water while you laugh at their antics. 


These are just some of the exciting and memorable things you can enjoy during the daytime if you decide to visit Staniel Cay on your next vacation. Whether you're taking a romantic trip with your partner or looking for a great spot for the whole family, Staniel Cay can be a great choice. Contact a local service, such as Staniel Air, to learn more. 

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