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Two Reasons Why You Should Take the Airport Shuttle

28 November 2015
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When you have a flight to catch, one of your main concerns is likely making sure that you get to the airport on time.  Although you can certainly drive your car or take a taxi, the airport shuttle offers significant advantages over either of these options.  Learning more about the benefits of taking the airport shuttle can help you determine if it is the right choice to include with your next flight. Read More …

What To Do When You’ve Taken A Cab Ride But Can’t Pay The Fare

17 July 2015
 Categories: , Articles

What would you do if you accidentally stiffed a cab driver? You could be the most honest person in the world, but if you forgot to hit the ATM and don't realize it until the end of your cab ride, you're going to be stuck with a bill you can't pay. In the movies it's common for empty-pocketed riders to make like a jet as soon as the taxi stops; but as you'll find out below, running from your cab fee is a very bad idea. Read More …

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