Parking At The Airport? Do These 5 Things Before Leaving Your Car

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Parking At The Airport? Do These 5 Things Before Leaving Your Car

9 September 2022
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Leaving your car or truck at the airport is a necessary, but sometimes nerve-wracking, part of travel. How can you keep it safe and secure while you're gone? And what can you do as you leave to help you when you return? Here are five simple steps anyone can take before they lock up their vehicle at short-term or long-term airport parking.  

1. Remove Chargers

Most vehicles have one or two charging cords for tablets, GPS devices, or phones. Gather up these cords and any attached charges, then place them in your trunk, luggage, or glove box. Why? Charging cords may signal to thieves that other valuable electronic devices are inside the vehicle. 

2. Tidy up the Car

Take a few moments to do one final tidying of your car's interior. Fold clothes, put away accessories, straighten up or put piles in the trunk, and pocket that loose change. A messy vehicle may attract thieves because it appears that the owner may be less likely to notice anything gone. In addition, clutter might look like valuables to be stolen. 

3. Throw Out Trash

Get rid of your trash in the nearest receptacle. This is especially important if you are leaving the vehicle for a week or longer. You don't want to return after a long trip only to find your car smells like last week's chicken takeout. 

4. Look Around You

Familiarize yourself with where you parked. A few seconds of looking around to observe the parking lot's features will go a long way to finding your way back when you return. Look for landmarks like stairs or elevators, signage, the direction you parked, tram stops, or entrances. These orient your return. 

5. Take a Picture

Finally, before you walk away from the car, turn around and take a photo of your spot and its accompanying markings. Leave this in your cell phone for reference when you fly back. If you have a parking ticket, take a photo of this as well. Don't rely on your memory alone or on your ability to find a parking reservation or ticket weeks from now. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for short-term and long-term parking at your local airport? Start by talking with a reputable parking service today. With their expertise and these few easy tips, you'll soon be off on your trip without worrying about your vehicle. 

Contact a local monthly airport parking service to learn more. 

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