Should You Stay In A Suite Or Standard Hotel Room?

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Should You Stay In A Suite Or Standard Hotel Room?

26 May 2022
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Are you in the process of finding a hotel room? You may be trying to figure out whether you should stay in a suite or a standard room. There are benefits to both options, but you should base your decision on the following factors:

How Long Is Your Stay?

The length of your stay is a vital determining factor in whether you should stay in a suite or standard hotel room. If you're only staying for a night, a standard room should be all you need since you won't spend much time there anyway. However, if you're staying somewhere for three or more nights, you should consider staying in a suite so you don't feel cramped the entire time. 

What's Your Plan for Meals?

One of the best parts about staying in a suite is that they typically have kitchens or kitchenettes. Some have full ovens and fridges, while others may just have tabletop burners and a mini-fridge. Either way, you can get groceries from a nearby store and cook your meals to save yourself some money. 

If you plan on eating at restaurants for all of your meals—and you have no other reason to stay in a suite—you can just stay in a regular room that doesn't have a kitchen. If you're staying at a hotel for a vacation, you probably won't want to be cooking your meals in your hotel room, as eating at restaurants is part of the experience.  

How Many People Are Staying with You?

Standard hotel rooms can only comfortably fit four guests, and sometimes less—depending on the size of the room and whether there are one or two beds. Suites will give you much more space and may have additional sleeping options, like a sofabed. Some suites even have one or more private bedrooms, making it possible to stay with a lot more people than you could in a standard room. 

What Is Your Relationship with the People Staying with You?

If you're sharing your room with your family, it's okay to be in a standard room. However, if you're staying with a co-worker, a friend of a friend, or anyone else you're not very familiar with, a suite will give you more space and privacy. If you can find a suite with a separate bedroom, that would be even better. 

Are You Trying to Save Money?

The cost is the most significant determining factor in whether most people stay in a suite or a standard room. If you have the extra money or find a deal where a suite is reasonably priced, it makes sense to get the larger room with more extras.

Contact hotels in the area you area traveling to if you want to learn more about their available hotel rooms and suites. 

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