Setting Sail: Hotel Cruise Packages To Make Your Trip Easy

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Setting Sail: Hotel Cruise Packages To Make Your Trip Easy

13 December 2021
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Planning a cruise vacation can result in some tricky logistical challenges, so you'll want to do plenty of planning in advance to ensure you arrive at the dock ready to set sail. Unless you live near the shore that your cruise ship will be launching from, you'll likely need to plan for airfare, hotel accommodations, and parking. Fortunately, there are lots of great hotel packages to help you with some of these challenges. Here are just some of the many packages to consider to help make your cruise smooth sailing. 

Sleep And Cruise Packages

Sleep and cruise packages are designed to help vacationers with accommodations the night before their cruises are set to begin. These packages might include staggered check-in and checkout times to align with your flight arrival and cruise departure times, which eliminates the need to wander around town with your luggage while you wait for the next leg of your trip to begin. Be sure your package includes shuttle service to your cruise line's location so you can arrive on time with all your luggage in tow. 

Park And Cruise Packages

Not all vacationers fly into town the night before their cruise. If you live only a few hours away, you may choose to drive instead of fly. However, you'll need to consider what to do with your vehicle. Park and cruise packages let you stay one night in the hotel but keep your car parked for the duration of your cruise. This provides added safety and peace of mind as you enjoy your dream cruise.. As you look for hotel accommodation packages that include parking, be sure to research the facility's parking structure. A gated parking garage may be more secure than an outdoor lot, and a lot with security on staff day and night can help ensure the safety of your vehicle. Make sure any parking passes you receive from the hotel are prominently displayed in your windshield to avoid getting ticketed or towed. 

Dining Packages

The last thing you want to do right before setting off on a whirlwind cruise adventure is to look for a place to grab a bite. Consider adding a dining package to your hotel stay to ensure you have a great meal the night before your trip begins and a hearty breakfast the next morning. Dining packages typically include a meal at the hotel restaurant, but you can also find discounted meal options at nearby establishments in some packages. Breakfast options might include a simple continental breakfast or a hearty brunch buffet, depending on the package you choose. With any dining package you choose, it's important to look at menu options in advance. You'll want to know that the hotel can accommodate any special dietary restrictions, such as a vegan diet or gluten-free diet. 

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