A Wine Tour Is A Fun Day Trip Or Weekend Getaway

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A Wine Tour Is A Fun Day Trip Or Weekend Getaway

9 August 2021
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If you're looking for an interesting outing to take with your spouse or partner, consider taking a wine tour. These tours are educational, fun, and scenic. You can often ride in a bus and save the driving and navigation for someone else while you relax and enjoy the travel time to the wineries. Here's why you may enjoy going on a wine tour.

You Can Sample New Wines

Wineries often provide samples of their wines when you take a tour. They may host wine tasting events that allow you to try new wine varieties without having to buy a whole bottle of wine just to try it. Spitting out the wine at a wine tasting event is proper etiquette and will keep you and those on your tour from becoming too inebriated.

You Can Learn How A Winery Operates

In addition to sampling wine, you'll get to tour the vineyards and wineries you visit. This is a fun and educational experience you'll appreciate if you enjoy wine and want to learn more about it. You might even attend a lecture on how to pair wines with food so you come away from your tour knowing more about how to drink and serve wine at home.

You'll Meet New People

Tours are always fun because you get to meet new people. Your tour guide might break the ice and help people on your tour feel comfortable and friendly with each other. If you're a people person, you may enjoy spending the day with a group of fellow wine lovers, and you might even make new friends.

You'll Enjoy Beautiful Scenery

Wine country has some of the most beautiful scenery you'll find. You may enjoy visiting wineries in different parts of the country or world so you can experience the beauty of the countryside and lush vineyards. Tours often include meals or picnics in picturesque settings, so you'll get to enjoy the beauty of nature while sampling new wines.

If you live near wine country, you may want to start with local tours. If you find the experience enjoyable, you may want to try taking a tour to notable wineries in California, New York, or another distant location.

Some Wine Tours Include Lodging

You might want a tour that lasts several hours, but if you want an immersive tour, you may want to book one that includes overnight lodging. You might stay in a country inn or bed and breakfast for a cozy experience. Staying the night makes for a nice weekend getaway that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to turn to your routine when your tour is over.

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