Flights The Sphinx Would Die For: Get To Egypt Cheaply

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Flights The Sphinx Would Die For: Get To Egypt Cheaply

8 September 2017
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Flying to Egypt to see the Pyramids of Giza is never cheap. The cost for one person is about the same as if you flew to Hawaii from Maine. Yet, like all dream vacations, you can find good air deals if you know where to look. Etihad Airway promo deals are just one resource where you can begin your search. This U.E.A. airline even has direct flights from New York to Egypt, if you do not mind sitting on a plane for nine hours straight. Here are a few other deals on airfare that even the sphinx herself would be jealous of.

Red-Eye Flights

If you have to fly for nine hours straight, why not take a "red-eye" flight? These are flights that leave late at night and fly to the destination. Passengers can use this time to sleep all the way there. Red-eye flights are often much cheaper than daytime flights because not many passengers are willing to fly at night or fly overnight.

Wednesday Flights

The one day of the week where almost no one flies unless it is close to a holiday is Wednesday. Weekends are packed to the gills with bookings for flights, and people trying to get away a little cheaper than weekend prices book on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are the second cheapest days for booking airfare. If you booked a red-eye flight on a Wednesday you would pay the least of all.

Holy Days

In the United Arab Emirates, certain days of the year are holy days. These days people still work, but very few people travel beyond their home territories. This means that flights that are normally booked solid with Arabs, Egyptians, and others returning to their homelands in the U.A.E. are empty. It helps to learn when these holy days are, and then plan your travel around these days (either on the holy day or the day after the holy day is best).

Egypt by Way of Four or More Connecting Airlines

Sometimes you can get a cheaper flight if you agree to take a really indirect route to Egypt. This often includes taking an American airline to an international airport hub, then hopping aboard British Airways or a French Airline, then flying to Germany, Uzbekistan, or Turkey, and then flying to the U.A.E. before boarding another flight to Egypt. You could be in the air two to three times as long as a direct route, but it may be cheaper.

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