Things To Look For In A Family-Friendly Resort

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Things To Look For In A Family-Friendly Resort

26 July 2017
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If you're planning a vacation for your family, you may be concerned about finding a suitable resort to accommodate your kids and pets. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a family-friendly resort and hotel:

Babysitting Services

Some resorts offer babysitting services on site. However, before scheduling the services at one of these lodging facilities, be sure to ask the right questions: How are the babysitters screened? Are criminal background checks conducted? Are the sitters CPR-certified? Is the payment for the babysitting services added to the bill for your room?

Are there regular kids' activities provided by the resort?

Even if you don't choose to have a regular babysitting service, you may allow your kids to participate in resort activities that are designed for youngsters. These activities, which frequently include group games, arts and crafts, and water play, can help ensure that your kids enjoy their stay. In addition, it can give you and your spouse some much-needed downtime.

When checking into the kids' activities offered by the facility, be sure to ask whether or not there is an additional fee for your children's participation. In addition, inquire about the age restrictions. In some instances, activities are geared toward certain age groups. At times, this can be problematic for parents who have children in several different age ranges and want them to participate in activities together.

Also, ask about safety precautions if the children will be participating in water play. It may be best to allow your child to wear a flotation vest if you cannot confirm that there will be lifeguards on duty.

What types of restaurants are on site at the resort?

When it comes to families with small children, restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes can help ensure that everyone is satisfied at the end of a meal. Before selecting a resort, confirm that on-site restaurants offer kid-friendly items. In addition, if your little ones are particularly finicky, check to see whether or not the facilities are able to accommodate a request for special items. This can be especially helpful if anyone in your family has a food allergy.

Is there a kennel on site or nearby?

If you plan to bring along the family pet, be sure to verify that the resort allows animals. If it does not, ask whether there is a nearby kennel that can accommodate your pet.

For more details about a specific resort, contact the resort's office.

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