What The Heck Is A Moorage And What Is It Used For

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What The Heck Is A Moorage And What Is It Used For

25 May 2016
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For those who may not have grown up around boats, a moor can be one of two things. A moor can refer to a Muslim, or it can be a type of land that is uncultivated. However, when talking about moorage services, it refers to boats. A moorage is a structure that is placed on a boat which allows the boat to be secured. This article is going to touch more on what exactly a moorage is and how it works, then it will discuss why it is always a good idea to install a moorage on your own boat.  

So, What Exactly Is A Moorage

As addressed before, a moorage is a structure that is installed on the boat that allows for the boat to be secured. There are a few different types of moorages; swing or pile moorings. A swing mooring uses one single line with an anchor at the bottom. This is a very common type of mooring, but it needs to be mentioned that with only one moorage being used the boat will swing with the tide or the wind. A pile moorage utilizes multiple poles that are fixed to the bottom of the sea. When securing a boat to a pile mooring, the boat will tie cables or ropes to the pile mooring. Boats also have lines tied to moorage that allows an anchor to be secured to the boat.

Why Your Boat Needs A Moorage 

One question that you may be asking is why does my boat need a moorage. Well, the simple answer is for protection. If you are going to be using your boat at all, you want to make sure that nothing happens to your boat. When you are boating, there is a really good chance that you are going to need to secure your boat. Often you are going to need to secure your boat quickly. weather you are fishing or skiing you are going to want to be able to stop the boat and stay put. A moorage is the best way to add security to your boat at the same time as being able to secure your location. If you are thinking about purchasing a boat, or you already have a boat, make sure that you add security to your boat by installing a moorage. Adding a moorage will add security to your home and it will not break the bank. Contact local professionals, such as those from South Park Marina, for further assistance.

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