3 Great Ways To Prepare For A Thrilling And Memorable Dolphin Tour

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3 Great Ways To Prepare For A Thrilling And Memorable Dolphin Tour

15 January 2021
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Dolphins are some of the most majestic marine wildlife in the country. There are many dolphin species in the world, and each of the species is intriguing in its own way. Even though some species are considered predators, other species are quite friendly. If you are planning to go on a dolphin-watching tour in their natural habitat, it's advisable to prepare adequately before the trip. 

Here are three great ways to prepare for a dolphin tour

Carry Some Medication for Seasickness

If you haven't been on a boat before, it is possible that you will get seasick. Seasickness is a form of motion sickness you experience because of buoyancy. You get sick when your inner ear and your eyes send conflicting messages to the brain. When you are on a boat that keeps rocking back and forth, the mechanism your body uses to maintain balance gets destabilized. 

And since your eyes send a message or signal to the brain that you are unstable, the brain releases stress-related responses. Sometimes, it might interpret the incongruity to mean that you are hallucinating or experiencing some distress. The result will be nausea and vomiting. However, seasickness medication can help numb down the signals received from the inner ear. When these signals are controlled, your brain calms down, and you can enjoy watching the dolphins without feeling sick.

Carry a Camera

Dolphins are the friendliest and most playful animals in the sea. If you are going to watch them in a spot where other tourists visit often, you will enjoy the experience because they are used to interacting with people. In fact, as soon as you get to the spot, the dolphins will start playing about and might even come to you. You need a camera to capture such thrilling moments. Where possible, carry a camera that records videos because it will capture the moment perfectly. 

Dress Appropriately and Carry Other Necessities

It is wise to anticipate that once you get in the ocean, the temperatures might drop, and you might end up feeling very cold. The breeze from the sea can also interfere a lot with the watching experience. For this reason, dress in layers so that if the temperatures get extremely hot, you can simply remove them. 

You could also carry sunglasses to ensure the sun's reflection off the water won't be too bright for your eyes, making it hard to watch dolphins as they play. If your skin easily burns, it's advisable to carry sunscreen to avoid being sunburned, especially if the sun is likely to be extremely hot in the sea. Also, remember to carry some snacks and water for the trip.

These are simple and effective tips for a fun and memorable dolphin-watching trip. Any dolphin trip can be extremely exciting and unforgettable if you prepare well for it.

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