Trying To Get Your Sales People To Work Harder? Incentives That Work

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Trying To Get Your Sales People To Work Harder? Incentives That Work

10 August 2017
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Sales employees tend to work harder when there is a valuable goal or prize for their efforts. You could promise winners raises, but that is an expense you have to have money for for several months and years to come. If you are not sure that your company can afford the long-term expense of handing out raises, you need other sales incentive programs that work. Here are some proven options:

Travel and Paid Vacation

Nothing puts the fire under employees' behinds quite like the promise of a trip and paid vacation! You can consult with local travel agencies and travel groups about booking open-ended trips to exotic places like Thailand, warm places like St. Thomas or the Caymans, and fascinating cultural places like Italy or France. Many trips can be booked as open-ended options so that once your winning employee brings in the bucks, he or she can choose when to depart and return. The paid vacation days are on you and should be granted when the winning employee books the trip.

High-End Electronics

An HD, 3D-enabled, LCD TV is definitely something your employees want. In fact, high-end, name-brand electronics are definitely worth your sales employees' time and effort. If it is something they want, like a 128GB tablet with WiFi and LTE, your employees will trip over themselves to get it. Sometimes, offering more than one prize for first, second, and third place winners helps encourage those employees who came close, but just missed the goal by a hair.

Cash or Gift Card Bonuses

Bonuses are a nice incentive, too. They are a one-time deal that gets your sales reps motivated while dangling the carrot of several hundred or a couple thousand dollars in front of them. You could also offer gift cards in place of cash bonuses, with first place winner choosing which gift cards he or she would like for his/her bonus. There are several employee incentive programs with which you can work to produce discounted cards for purchase and use in these instances.

No Guilt, No Excuses, and No Punishment Days

People often just want to stay home for one reason or another. Yet, calling into work when you are not sick or wounded is not kosher with most companies nowadays. If you can and are willing to bend the rules a bit, you can offer your employees roving sick days that require no excuses, result in zero punishment, and have no guilt attached. The winning sales reps can receive one to three of these roving sick days to spend however they choose, so long as they call into work at least an hour before the start of the work day.

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