Enjoying Your Trip With Preparation - Things To Pack For Your River Rafting Trip

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Enjoying Your Trip With Preparation - Things To Pack For Your River Rafting Trip

25 April 2017
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Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors can be a fun trip that spurs a great deal of family bonding. A river rafting trip can be exciting and almost exotic, but without proper preparation, your trip can turn sour in a hurry. Making a checklist can help with that process, but without knowing what to put on that checklist, it may be incomplete.

Below, you'll find a guide to some items you should be sure to include when packing up for a river rafting trip. Making sure that you have all of these items loaded down in your vehicle can help guarantee you have a fulfilling trip that you'll want to remember for many years to come.

Potable Water

Many of us may take a functioning faucet for granted. If water's needed, it's easy to go and fill a cup without having much concern for how easy or difficult it may be to source it. When on a river rafting trip, however, you may suddenly find yourself painfully aware of your water needs.

Packing up potable water is incredibly important, as many river rafting sites are located in rural locations that may rely on wells or other temperamental water sources. If nothing else, having clean bottles of water to enjoy as you float down the river will help keep everyone hydrated and healthy through the float.

Board Games

So much of modern culture is based around electronics and the internet that it can be difficult to stay entertained when those tools are less available. Indeed, many river rafting sites now offer wifi access in an attempt to keep up with the needs of modern consumers.

Your rafting trip, though, should provide you with an opportunity to enjoy your loved ones as well as the surrounding nature. Board games, playing cards, and other entertainment tools can be a great way to inspire fellowship while not pulling you too far out of your surroundings.

Sun Protection

Any time you're going to be outside, sun protection is vital to make sure you don't put yourself at unnecessary risk from ultraviolet rays that may cause skin problems. When you're out on the water, those problems can be intensified, and without proper protection you could be dealing with a painful and intense sunburn. Protecting yourself from the sun means having proper headwear, long sleeves where necessary, and especially sunscreen. It's a good rule of thumb to bring more than you think you'll need, as you can then lend it out to other needy travelers. Visit Moab Utah to find your next adventure.   

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