Top 4 Reasons To Book A Wine Tour On Your Next Vacation

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Top 4 Reasons To Book A Wine Tour On Your Next Vacation

6 April 2017
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If you're a wine enthusiast, taking a wine tour could be the highlight of your next vacation. Wine tours are available in many different regions, and there are a lot of options, from private tours to group tours. Some of the top reasons to experience a wine tour include:

No Need for a Designated Driver

If you want to experience the wines of a region with a friend or loved one, there is no better way to do it than on a wine tour. When you book a wine tour, the tour company will arrange all of the transportation for you. This means that both you and the person travelling with you can enjoy tasting a variety of wines without having to have a designated driver or find a taxi to get back to your accommodations. Most wine tours offer transportation in very comfortable town cars, such as from Ambassador Limousine, or small buses.

Knowledgeable Guides

While the wines are a highlight of a wine tour, having knowledgeable guides can help you learn more about the region, the types of grapes grown, and the history of each winery that you visit. All of this information can enhance the tour and make your day much more enjoyable. Most guides for wine tours are very passionate about wine and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the guests that they accompany.

The Right Selection of Wineries 

Wine tour operators take great care in creating different wine tours to highlight the best of the region. When you book a wine tour with a reputable tour operator, you can rest assured that you will be visiting wineries that have been hand-picked to provide the best experience. A great wine tour will feature a great variety, so you will be able to sample the top wines in the region from wineries that offer a great portfolio of wines.

VIP Service

Most wine tours are all-inclusive, so you only have to worry about paying one fee when you book the tour. This will eliminate the need to drive yourself and pay tasting fees at each winery. It is not uncommon for wine tours to also include extras, such as a meal or snacks. Even group wine tours tend to be small in size, so you can count on individualized service from your guides-- most guides on wine tours take great pride in ensuring that their guests have the best experience possible during the tour. 

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